Sunday, April 21, 2013

My week in Pictures #3

This week I haven't really done a whole lot, the weather is starting to get colder and wetter and I've been stuck at home. I've been a quite depressed because I miss my friends a lot and I just want to go back to the UK.

Starting my week off last Sunday with turning on the TV to watch The Voice to support my talented cousin Michael. He's my Step Dad's nephew and their whole family is lovely so he really deserves to be in the competition.
Lily and I have been to the park a lot and one day we decided to get some fish and chips as well which was quite sneaky as I've been trying to eat healthy all week.
I've watched quite a few movies this week, Pixar's UP being one of them. I also watched  Breakfast at Tifany's Sabrina and Sound of Music. I'm a sucker for romance,  I end up in tears by the end!
Indulging in Whittaker's Almond Dark Chocolate, a favourite I discovered while I lived in New Zealand and some Turkish Rose and Apple tea from T2.
I went shopping at City Chic at Chadstone and also received my aerobic step in the post I'll be making a blog update about it on Friday!
Going for an interview at TAFE and getting in to do a Certificate 3 in Hairdressing and buying some of my class materials.
Buying my favourite magazine Frankie which I haven't gotten to sit down and read properly. Making some scrambled tofu (Yum!) and more magazines Women's Fitness and Clean Eating (has some really great recipes!)
I also had a busy day with taking L to her first Ballet lesson and my dog to the vet for he annual vaccinations and then going out for lunch with my mum (I forgot to take pictures!) I shall be more diligent this coming week :)

Hope you all had a great week, and one to come x
Love Nee

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