Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion Fridays #1

Fridays I thought I would dedicate to fashion and fitness because they are two other aspects on my life which  I love, so I'll alternate weeks for each topic.This week, I'm going to do fashion!

As you know, I have gone back to Australia so I'm going back into Winter so I am reliving the fashion I saw in the UK of wine and purple and peplums and studs. I didn't really get into any of the looks except maybe the spikes, but I'm keen to give it another go this winter.

I have gained a lot of weight as well in the last couple of months (from relaxing my lifestlye, drinking too much alcohol and eating out waaay too much) so I'm sitting on the inbetween/plus size line of fashion again so I've fallen back on an old favourite to get my clothes from; City Chic.

City Chic is well known among Australian plus size women for being fashion forward, trendy and on the young side. Having always been plus sized I have followed them since back when they were known as Big City Chic, I've seen them develop into City Chic, embracing plus size fashion that is bold, sexy and fun for plus size women.

I went into the Chadstone store this week because I needed some new clothes for an interview and I was overwhelmed with choice although my size was missing in a lot of styles so I couldn't try them on, but the sales assistance told me they can always ring other stores and get them in. I was keen to go for a skirt and jacket look since I have left most of my clothes back in the UK I don't really have a lot and I think its a nice combo for an interview.

My whole outfit from City Chic. Shoes from Primark

I picked the Rosey Jacket because I think its a really pretty jacket, but also a really re wearable piece. The fabric is beautiful and soft but still feels structured around the shoulders and the button sewn on sturdy. The XS fit really well, and I love how it shows off my waist.
I combined it with the Ponte Pleather Pencil Skirt, a stretchy jersey skirt with splices of pleather that zips and buttons at the back. It is also lined. I got this in the XS as well because I have a very small waist and very large hips so I wanted it to be smaller on my waist and the material stretched over my hips but not so much that it looked bad. It's a little long, but that's only because I'm 5'2 but over a really sexy skirt and teamed with the jacket I thought I looked super sophisticated!

Trying on the jacket in store.

I put a few things on layby in store as well, they offer 6 weeks with a 20% deposit and no cancellation fee. You can also shop online and return items in store or online, which I think is handy!

Also, I think partly because of the confidence this outfit gave me and just from my smarts my interview went well and I got in! To where, well there will be another exciting post about that soon!

Love Nee x

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  1. ohh love the blazer. It's so fun for spring, but the black background makes it nice for nighttime/work!