Monday, April 29, 2013

My Week in Pictures #4

,Hello! I seem to be bringing these out on a Monday rather than Sunday like I had originally wanted to but I am been super busy, a change from the week before. Here is my summary for the past week...

Staring the week off with a casual Sunday but trying to jazz it up with red lips which is actually the Rimmel Apocolips, which I hate after the first try. Just smudging everywhere!
Watching The Voice Monday night to support my cousin who got through!
Going on a shopping trip with Lily buying a lot from Priceline and also a Persian Cat Sylvanian Family.
Dying my hair a Mocha Brown colour because my old colour had faded and I had crazy regrowth. I've never had just a natural shade of brown in my hair for years, usually I go for the reds and purples. 
Spending 2 days this week at school having coffee and lots of theory and practical work which you can see in my cool half circle 80's style.
Making cupcakes with Lily then going on a trip to the city having Nandos and visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, going to Luna Park, enjoying all the rides and taking some memory pictures with my beautiful fun girl Lily.

Hope everyone else had a great week!

Love Nee x

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April's Empties #1

Hello everyone.

I don't finish products very often but I have so much stuff (even after leaving half of it behind in the UK) and I realise its not going to keep forever so I need to use it, so I'm going to do my best to use up the products I have and share the results to keep me accountable!

Yes, I instagrammed it. I have an obsession you guys...

Right so lets get into it. I have had some of these products for an embarrassingly long time.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream: I bought this eye cream about a year ago, and used it on average maybe 3-4 times a week. It's a thick cream very rich and hydrating and I don't have mature skin but I'm all about prevention and I think this has helped slow the development of wrinkles in my eye area. This eye cream brightens up under my eye area and is very gentle. I love the design of the pot as well, like I do all Benefit products. I would definitely buy this again

Kerastase Resistance Bain De Force Shampoo: I've been using this shampoo on and off for a few years, it takes me about 2 -3 months to get through a bottle I wash my hair 2 times a week. I find this to be a really great shampoo, it cleanses well, smells beautiful  and strengthens my hair. I think my hair  has had enough of it though and I'm going to move onto Pureolgy again. I would buy this again but not anytime soon.

Kerastase Resistance Volumintense Conditioner: I get through the conditioner a bit quicker around 2 months to finish a bottle. Conditions the hair, smells really lovely, good for dry, fine hair. I find the volume fluffy. I do like this but I need a change. Would buy it again but not soon.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance: I have purchased this primer again.  I am in love with it. It's really light weight but smooths out my skins texture and tone and adds a really lovely apricot glow. I use to get the same effect by mixing Benefit Moon Beam with my foundation. It looks in your moisturiser so your skin doesn't get dry at the end of the day and you still look fresh face.

Clarins Exfoliant: I can't remember when I even this product! But I've made an effort to finish it. It's very creamy and lots of little scrubby bits in it that aren't rough, so you're skin is left feeling very fresh and clean. I would buy it again. depending on the price. There are a lot of other good exfoliators out there for cheaper though.

Hope you enjoyed my empties post with mini reviews.
Love Nee x

Wednesday's Wishlist #2

Here we are again, another fortnightly wishlist of things I'd really eventually like to have! Paying for all my school materials has come first so shopping has been put on hold (except a sneaky Priceline Haul- more soon) but here's a list of things I'm really wanting...

Lost Mannequin Winged Backpack in Blue and Pink: I randomly came across this back  pack as I was searching the other night for a school bag and I just fell in love. Its cute, its pink, it has wings. I need it.

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse: Dermalogica's Pre Cleanse is the only product I've used that gets my makeup off. Even the ever so stubborn Benefit They're Real mascara. I always put off buying it because its expensive but after buying lots of disappointing replacements,nothing has lived up to it.

Peter Alexander Rainbow Slinky Nighty: I buy all my pyjamas at Peter Alexander. They are cute designs and the quality lasts for years. They have a super cute collection at the moment and I'm in love with this Rainbow design.

Benefit Fake Up: I've been hearing about this non stop around the blog world and I really want to give it a go. I love Benefit and have tried nearly every one of their products. They have cute packaging and beautiful quality and lasting products. I am obsessed with concealing (Confessions of a Concealerholic describes me perfectly) So I just need it okay.

 Kit Cosmetics Pomegranate Caddy: When I came back to Australia my sister took me shopping and showed me all the new shops and Kit was among them. I fell in love with the smell of this lotion and body gel wash. It's just really fresh and sweet and lovely. I need to replace my horribly expensive habit of Molton Brown (it's so lush I don't think I could give it up)

What's on everyones wishlist this week? Share me your posts!

Love Nee x

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My week in Pictures #3

This week I haven't really done a whole lot, the weather is starting to get colder and wetter and I've been stuck at home. I've been a quite depressed because I miss my friends a lot and I just want to go back to the UK.

Starting my week off last Sunday with turning on the TV to watch The Voice to support my talented cousin Michael. He's my Step Dad's nephew and their whole family is lovely so he really deserves to be in the competition.
Lily and I have been to the park a lot and one day we decided to get some fish and chips as well which was quite sneaky as I've been trying to eat healthy all week.
I've watched quite a few movies this week, Pixar's UP being one of them. I also watched  Breakfast at Tifany's Sabrina and Sound of Music. I'm a sucker for romance,  I end up in tears by the end!
Indulging in Whittaker's Almond Dark Chocolate, a favourite I discovered while I lived in New Zealand and some Turkish Rose and Apple tea from T2.
I went shopping at City Chic at Chadstone and also received my aerobic step in the post I'll be making a blog update about it on Friday!
Going for an interview at TAFE and getting in to do a Certificate 3 in Hairdressing and buying some of my class materials.
Buying my favourite magazine Frankie which I haven't gotten to sit down and read properly. Making some scrambled tofu (Yum!) and more magazines Women's Fitness and Clean Eating (has some really great recipes!)
I also had a busy day with taking L to her first Ballet lesson and my dog to the vet for he annual vaccinations and then going out for lunch with my mum (I forgot to take pictures!) I shall be more diligent this coming week :)

Hope you all had a great week, and one to come x
Love Nee

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion Fridays #1

Fridays I thought I would dedicate to fashion and fitness because they are two other aspects on my life which  I love, so I'll alternate weeks for each topic.This week, I'm going to do fashion!

As you know, I have gone back to Australia so I'm going back into Winter so I am reliving the fashion I saw in the UK of wine and purple and peplums and studs. I didn't really get into any of the looks except maybe the spikes, but I'm keen to give it another go this winter.

I have gained a lot of weight as well in the last couple of months (from relaxing my lifestlye, drinking too much alcohol and eating out waaay too much) so I'm sitting on the inbetween/plus size line of fashion again so I've fallen back on an old favourite to get my clothes from; City Chic.

City Chic is well known among Australian plus size women for being fashion forward, trendy and on the young side. Having always been plus sized I have followed them since back when they were known as Big City Chic, I've seen them develop into City Chic, embracing plus size fashion that is bold, sexy and fun for plus size women.

I went into the Chadstone store this week because I needed some new clothes for an interview and I was overwhelmed with choice although my size was missing in a lot of styles so I couldn't try them on, but the sales assistance told me they can always ring other stores and get them in. I was keen to go for a skirt and jacket look since I have left most of my clothes back in the UK I don't really have a lot and I think its a nice combo for an interview.

My whole outfit from City Chic. Shoes from Primark

I picked the Rosey Jacket because I think its a really pretty jacket, but also a really re wearable piece. The fabric is beautiful and soft but still feels structured around the shoulders and the button sewn on sturdy. The XS fit really well, and I love how it shows off my waist.
I combined it with the Ponte Pleather Pencil Skirt, a stretchy jersey skirt with splices of pleather that zips and buttons at the back. It is also lined. I got this in the XS as well because I have a very small waist and very large hips so I wanted it to be smaller on my waist and the material stretched over my hips but not so much that it looked bad. It's a little long, but that's only because I'm 5'2 but over a really sexy skirt and teamed with the jacket I thought I looked super sophisticated!

Trying on the jacket in store.

I put a few things on layby in store as well, they offer 6 weeks with a 20% deposit and no cancellation fee. You can also shop online and return items in store or online, which I think is handy!

Also, I think partly because of the confidence this outfit gave me and just from my smarts my interview went well and I got in! To where, well there will be another exciting post about that soon!

Love Nee x

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My week in pictures #2

Okay so I'm totally behind the bandwagon but I am totally addicted to instagram. I feel like I have this obligation to document what I do now so I try and make sure I do something interesting! So its good, we get  out, we have fun, so really its win-win!

Another busy week for L and I and the weather has been beautiful and warm for us, holding off winter a little longer! We spent and afternoon in Mornington, Vic, I loved it so much I've started to look for flats there. Still trying to eat clean with a green smoothie (looks like sick) with egg and mushroom on toast but failed with an apple cake that I saw in a bakery down Chapel St that I haven't had in years, but a fairly healthy homemade pizza and then out for lunch with my mum in Berwick having a chicken ciabatta and some fries. 
I got a creative this week making a floral hairband you can see L wearing with her new party dress, I started a cross stitch surpise, I tried to draw a cat person and I bought a new ukulele.
I received some beautiful flowers from my bf, they were waiting on my doorstep, I am so spoilt!
L and I got our face painted at a 3 year old party and she also got her hair done at the hairdressers with apink Colour Bug.
I ended the week with a bottle of white wine and a bath and then an outfit and face of the day for a casual Sunday.

I am looking forward to this week coming, should be a bit quieter but I will have to go into Melbourne City as I have a job interview and I also want to go to buy an aerobics step and dumbells!
Have a good week!!
Love Nee x

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday's Wishlist

I'm trying to limit the amount of things I want since my income has been cut to non existant at the moment but I still can't help looking and lusting after certain products!

GHD IV Mint Professional styler: Ever since my GHD died last year (You can see a post about it burning my hair off in my blog) I've been wanting another GHD or a CloudNine (makers of GHD) I had been putting it off for a year and then this colour Mint came out and I fell in love!

REN Kit for Comination Skin: Since coming back to Australia my skin is readjusting to the weather and the water and has just broken out majorly. I am always on the look out for new skincare to try to obtain perfectly clear skin, I'm looking at purchasing this REN kit for combination skin to help clear my congested skin and bring some life back to it.

Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo: I love Pureology, they keep your colour fresh, smell amazing and make your hair feel clean. My hair is really damaged, its breaking and splitting its really awful so I want to try this to see if it will help.

EcoTan Winter Skin: I'm going into winter again (BIG SIGH) and I want to tan and this colour is really nice on my skin. It's easy to apply with the pump and lasts about 3-4 days before I noticed it getting patchy.

Soleil Tan de Chanel:  I bought Nars Laguna instead of this but I still can't help wanting it. It just looks so lovely in swatches I see and the texture is so creamy. I must have it!

Whats on everyone elses wishlists?
Love Nee x

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Collective Haul

Hello again!

I'm starting to get back into blogging more and trying to get all my post organised I though I would do one big post for my March haul!
So lets see what I got!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance, Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, Nars Laguna, Mabelline Colour Tattoo, Origins Spot Remover, Shu Uemera Eyelash curler, Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential, L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh, Rimmel Apocolips, Vera Wang Princess, Mac Cremesheen, Rimmel lipstick and *big breath* Revlon Lip Butter.

So there are a lot of things here I've been wanting to get, some impulse buys  and repurchases.
I've been hearing everyone going on about the Colour Tattoo but what made me purchase it was Essie Button's vlog about her daily makeup look and it looked so lovely on her and easy to use. 

I bought all the lipsticks except the MAC one in the UK at Boots. I'm really into corals and nudes at the moment (even though it's on it's way to winter in Australia it's still Spring in my heart) and I don't really have many lipsticks in different colours I just have pinks, so here I am branching out with different brands and colours. 

I really love the the 6H L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh in 405 Fresh Tangerine, its not sticky and the colour is beautiful. The applicator is really big as well which I prefer because it makes it easy to apply. I just picked this up on a whim cause I loved the colour. Everyone knows about Apocolips. I bought the colour Big Bang a few weeks back and haven't used it but I really wanted the 600 Nude Eclipse. I still haven't tried this but the colour is beautiful. 
I have a million Revlon Lip Butters but all in the lighter pink shades but I thought I'd go all out and get 025 Peach Parfait. It's glittery which I love and of course the texture is so moisturising on. The Rimmel lipstick is another whim after buying one of their lipsticks a few weeks ago. The colour is 210 Coral in Gold are long lasting and creamy. MAC Cremesheen lipsticks are beautiful. I bough Shy Girl because I wanted a nude lipstick.

 L'Oreal 405, Rimmel 600 , Revlon 025, Rimmel 210 and MAC A82

The Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential is something I can't live without, this is my 3rd bottle of this stuff! It's  a gel you put under your eyes before any moisturiser  and it helps eliminate puffiness and dark eye circles and   I swear by it. It's amazing. The Origin spot remover I hear from over at VipXO and I had a really bad pimple at the time so I just bought it and used it. Its good I think, it smells like pencil sharpenings and tingles when you put it on but I think that means it working. If you use it too much it peels your skin a bit. I think I need to try it more to have a proper opinion on it, so I'll wait for that pesky break out at that time of the month!

Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential and Origins Spot Remover

My half planned impulse purchase! When I arrived in Australia I was really depressed at how inflated the prices are on everything and there was so much I wanted to buy but was really put off by the price. I really wanted a new foundation because when I was in Singapore I wanted to get another bottle of Estee Launder double wear but they didn't have my colour anywhere in the airport. I did a quick google about medium to full coverage foundations and came across Laura Mercier Silk Creme and beauty bloggers saying it had great coverage and felt light on the skin.
So I went to the Laura Mercier counter at David Jones and had a guy initially match me to Rose Ivory, and he tested it on my chest! Bit forward of him! I wasn't happy with the colour match Rose Ivory because it was just really light and pink and he also couldn't give me a sample. I went to another Laura Mercier counter and met the loveliest make up artist who was so friendly and knowledgeable about her brand I was happy for her to test the Silk Creme on my and she matched me to the colour Bamboo Beige. I was so happy as it is neutral and just melted and blended into my skin perfectly. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance and Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation

I bought the Radiance foundation primer because my sister was using it and like the scab I am I saw that she put it in the bathroom bin and took it out cause there was heaps left in there! Its lovely, it makes my skin look dewy and even. It takes all the redness out it locks in your moisturiser so my skin stays really soft. The primer is liquidy but it smooths and fills my pours giving me flawless skin.I just love it if you can't tell! 
So when I bought the foundation I bought this as well. She also gave me a sample of the tinted moisturiser which I am loving at the moment to because I'm trying to wear less make up because I've been caking it lately (EW!)

Silk Creme Bamboo Beige and Radiance Primer

I've worn the foundation twice, its not as long lasting as my DW but the colour just suits me so well, it doesn't feel like there is anything on my skin, it melts in and looks flawless. I think after about 4 hours I need to powder as it wears off my nose and chin. I can't tell for sure, I need to give it more time, but so far, really lovely.

Nars Laguna

Another impulse buy. I knew I wanted a new bronzer and I had my eye on the Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel, but after testing it on my arm after several times I decided it was too orange. I always knew Nars was good I just never got around to looking at it. I went to the counter in Mecca and tested  Laguna and just loved it. Laguna has a bit of sparkle which I love and it was just soft and natural looking on me. 

Now I am in love with Laura Mercier and Nars and require much! I am a foundation addict so I think the next on for me will be Nars.

Hope you're all having a good week so far!
Love Nee x

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My week in pictures #1

Its been an eventful week! I've been  half way around the world and am now back in Australia. I am missing the UK already, but I am not missing the weather, I can't believe its still warm here and we're half way to winter.
I got myself an Instagram account (follow me here @needoll) so I could share a summary of my week in pictures because I love looking at everyone else's.

It has been a busy week for me. Little L and I flew from London, UK to Melbourne, Australia via Singapore spending a 2 days in Singapore's Changi airport shopping duty free, resting at the Transit Hotel, eating beautiful food, indulging in all the entertainment offered at Changi including a butterfly house, koi ponds, orchard gardens and movie theater. 
Arriving in the the beautiful sunny weather of Australia in Melbourne and getting to wear sunnies and summer clothes. 
Attempting to eat clean again with a healthy breakfast of egg with avocado on toast accompanied by strawberries and smavo which is smashed avocado and tomatoes with a tomato chilli salsa sauce on bread and then a sneaky visit to my favourite veg fast food Lord of the fries.
Meeting a sloth at Fountain Gate shopping centre and visiting Build-a-Bear with Little L. She chose a cat, bless her takes after her cat crazy mother.
Enjoying some chocolate from Haighs and Cadbury on Easter. Receiving lots of sympathy flowers for my grandmothers death. And finally relaxing and settling in with a Kerastase hair treatment.

I love looking at Instagram pictures so if you have an account link me so I can follow you, or if you do a week in pictures I'd love to see.

Have a good week,
Love Nee x