Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi everyone!

I admit, I am terrible at nail care. I bit them, I am really bad keeping my hands hydrated so they get all wrinkly and I get the picky bits around my nails. I am especially bad painting my nails. I attempted to study a nail technician course but I changed it to a photography course.
I usually go and get my nails down with gel and acrylic tips but its so expensive to upkeep and I end up picking them off after a few weeks.
I like painting my nails but I'm not very neat. I have a big nail polish collection, Little L and I like to paint our nails together.
I came across some pins on Pintrest about nail art and was feeling perticuly creative and this week have been trying (so hard) to attempt a bit of nail art.

Watermelon Day!

I had to redo this a few times because I am impatient and it kept smudging. I am also messy! I don't know how people keep a steady hand to make it look neat! I think I need to invest in some good nail care equipment.

Here's what I used for the watermelon nails. 

This weeks attempt. Sorry for the potato phone camera shots.
Strawberries and Cupcakes.

I found this guide to painting your nails.  I tried it but I still get it all over everywhere!

Some more Pins on nail art I like.

Do you look after your nails? How do you look after you nails? Do you have a Pintrest? Follow me and I'll follow back. Needoll <--- Click!

Love Nee x


  1. That has a great idea! Love the result!
    Great blog, I'm a new follower!

    1. Thanks! I followed back, I want to go to Portugal in the Summer x

  2. There all so cute xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

    1. Thank you! I triedto follow your blog but there was an error but I shall keep trying! x

  3. Aw it's adorable :)
    Thanks for sharing the guide, it's perfect for a nail-polish newbie like me ;)