Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soulmatefood 3 day juice cleanse


As I told you all previously I had started doing the 3 day juice detox by Soulmatefood. The aim was to drink 6 juices a day for 3 days and the result would be you having more energy, lose a bit of weight and start with a healthy mindset to continue eating better.

First day :: I was quite enthusiastic and didn't feel hungry and the juices were fine. By the end of the day I was sick of how sweet the juices were and how they didn't taste fresh.

Second day :: No hunger until I had KFC waved in my face! My willpower was strong and I continued. I started to feel like if I was doing any harm to my body, feeding it all this fruit sugar. My mouth felt furry and all the juices started to taste like the same goop. I have a very bad headache that night.

Third day :: I had lots of energy but was quite depressed. I got to the 4th juice and decided I would eat and had dinner of chicken and potato salad. I felt guilty for eating because I didn't complete the 3 days and I was quite hard on myself.

I think I learned overall that I still have issues with food. Even though it was short lived, I did become more aware of my body and when to eat. This weekend I realised I eat more out of boredom then hunger and everytime my brain told me to eat I had to go get water instead, so it wasn't all bad. As for weight, I felt lighter, less bloated, I had dropped about 3kgs (of water weight) my skin was better and I did have more energy. I usually have green juice every morning so  I will continue with that just need to pay more attention to portions and when I am actually hungry.

Not sure if I would recommend anyone to do this. It's quite expensive for what basically is just Innocent Smoothies. They don't taste fresh and they are all sweet. I think just stick to healthy eating and exercise. It has always been the method that works.

Anyone else do this cleanse or struggle with healthy eating let me know :)

Love Nee x

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