Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping...Dior and Benefit

Last night I went out to the Westfeild in Stratford and didn't really make it very far in as I got stuck at boots, and I didn't even get past the beauty counters.... But I thought I'd share what I bought.

Cute Benefit box and Dior Bag

The lady at the Benefit counter was lovely and helpful she answered all my awkward questions and showed me how to apply bronzer properly. I love Benefit products, they are fun and packaged really nicely, and so far from what I've tried they work really well. (Although a bit pricey)

Benefit: They're Real mascara, Hoola, Hervana. Samples: Porefessional (which I am totally in love with right now) Moisture Prep (Toning lotion), It's Potent (eye cream) Total Moisture (facial cream) Triple Performing (facial emulsion) and a cute makeup bag.

Benefit Hervana & Hoola
I wasn't going to buy these, but the makeup artist put them on me and I looked like I had cheek bones and a healthy glow so I was convinced!

Benefit They're Real

I've always wanted to try this and Bad Gal Lash, but I went with this one because its promises to be lengthening and thickening. I will see how it goes I guess! Always on the look out for an amazing mascara, I suck at putting false lashes on, and extensions drive me mad because I love my oil cleanser!

The poor lady at the Dior counter was being harassed by a guy trying to get lots of samples from her. She was helpful in my vague lipgloss colour description.

DiorAddict Lip Maximiser 001, DiorAddict Ultra Gloss in Pearl 654, Capture Totale Eye essential, samples of Capture Totale Concentre Multi-Perfection, J'dore, Miss Dior Cherie and a DiorAddict Lipstick

Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential

I got a sample of this in Kuala Lumpur last year and squeezed every drop I possibly could. Its used in addition to your regular eye cream, its to brighten and reduce the visible signs of aging. I have noticed for the month and a half my samples lasted that the fine lines around my eyes have faded and my eyes are less dark and puffy

DiorAddict Lip Maximizer in 001 and DiorAddict Ultra Gloss Pearl 654

I lost both of these a few weeks ago and I was so upset! I was a bit grumbly having to pay all that money again, but its so worth it. I think the Lip Maximizer works for me personally, it makes my top lip a bit plumper, it gives a really good stingy tingly feeling making you really aware of your lips, I love it. The other gloss is a beautiful pink and very sparkly. Plus they're aren't sticky and last well on the lips.

Can't wait to play around more with my new products and trying out the samples.
Hope you're having a good weekend
Love Nee x


  1. I really really want Hoola, you will have to let me know how you get on with it, might just push me over the edge to get it hehe! xx

    1. Will do hun, I'm loving it at the moment, but I haven't really had much of a chance to use it!

  2. hervana looks so pretty <3
    im your newest follower ! hope you can visit / follow me back sometime :)

    1. It really is very pretty, I just love the packaging!
      Thanks for your follow, I checked out your blog and lots of good things to read x

  3. aww i love the benefit ladies! they are always so helpful and lovely!
    shame that you lost the glosses:(
    lovely post and blog!


    1. Thanks Ellie! They really are, I've bought so many things from the counter just because they are so helpful and really have a passion for their products! x

  4. Looks like some great products. :)
    Love your blog.. knowledgeable to a newbie like me. Hahah.

    1. I'm not really knowledgeable, I just like to ramble! Thanks for visiting Laura x