Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camden, Glossy box and recent events.

I went to Camden last weekend for the first time and had a wander around all day. It was freezing but I had so much fun.
Camden is home to the famous Camden Market which are in 6 sections; Camden Lock Market, Historic Stables Market, Camden Lock Village, Buck Street Market, Electric Ballroom and Inverness Street Market.
I don't think I went to all these places, I'm not sure, I got lost wandering around in and out of stalls and up and down the high street just absorbing the sheer amount of diverse things for sale.
There is so much on offer here, you can get furniture, decorative, household, secondhand and antiques, hand crafted, clothing and accessories especially in the Historic Stables alternative sub-cultures are catered for it.
There were so many things I wanted to buy, but I didn't have enough money but I did have a mission to find some heart shaped glasses and I did pick up a Shamballa bracelet. I also found a cute bunny touch LED light (not pictured)

Camden Lock
(goes through to Stables)

Heart glasses and Shamballa bracelet

There is a variety of food on offer here, mostly around Camden Lock. I ate at Inspiral Lounge a vegan cafe. It was very busy in there, but had a beautiful view over the canal. There was lots of food to choose from, from menus, or you can buy premade food. I ended up getting a lasagna and a cookie. Both were delicious but expensive. So worth it though! They are open until late and have various events on such as live music. Definetly can't wait to go back and try everything else they have.

Thanks to the kind waitress taking my photo of me eating my lasagna.

I also have squirrel controlling abilities. I called this squirrel over and he ran over to me and then posed for ages on this tree! So adorable.

Valentines day this year was a quite one for us as I had been a bit sick. We stayed in had some take away and watched a bit a movie. I was surprised with a pink ukelele, so I spent most of the night restringing it and playing it

Pinkenlele needs a name.

After being bought a 99p pony by a friend and then being introduced to My Little Pony, L is now obsessed with them. I decided to surprise her and buy her some pony characters. She was so excited when she opened the box, and has not stopped playing with them, that was a few days ago now. She even takes them to bed at  night. 

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack

Also read lots of good things about the Tangle Teezer brush and decided to get the flower pot one for L and I to share because she hates having her hair brushed as its curly and gets very knotty. She loves it and now brushes her own hair.

Cute Flower Pot

Got my February Glossy Box and I really liked everything in my box this month. I've been really wanting to try Duwop Lip Venom so super excited about this. The nails seem to but a bit large for my tiny finger nails but I'll still try them out. The shower gel smells very strong of eucalyptus but its very nice, and the Paul Mitchell styling hair oil smells lovely of ginger, I think will be nice on my dry hair. I've never used loose eyeshadow, so we'll see how that adventure goes.
I still have my Carmine Box to come, so can't wait to see whats in there!

Glossy Box

I'm still sick this week, so I apologise for such a short post! I'm going to the doctors tomorrow so hopefully they'll figure out whats wrong with me.
This weekend I am off to Hyper Japan and I do plan to actually take photos this time, so expect lots next time!
Have a good week!
Love Nee x

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping...Dior and Benefit

Last night I went out to the Westfeild in Stratford and didn't really make it very far in as I got stuck at boots, and I didn't even get past the beauty counters.... But I thought I'd share what I bought.

Cute Benefit box and Dior Bag

The lady at the Benefit counter was lovely and helpful she answered all my awkward questions and showed me how to apply bronzer properly. I love Benefit products, they are fun and packaged really nicely, and so far from what I've tried they work really well. (Although a bit pricey)

Benefit: They're Real mascara, Hoola, Hervana. Samples: Porefessional (which I am totally in love with right now) Moisture Prep (Toning lotion), It's Potent (eye cream) Total Moisture (facial cream) Triple Performing (facial emulsion) and a cute makeup bag.

Benefit Hervana & Hoola
I wasn't going to buy these, but the makeup artist put them on me and I looked like I had cheek bones and a healthy glow so I was convinced!

Benefit They're Real

I've always wanted to try this and Bad Gal Lash, but I went with this one because its promises to be lengthening and thickening. I will see how it goes I guess! Always on the look out for an amazing mascara, I suck at putting false lashes on, and extensions drive me mad because I love my oil cleanser!

The poor lady at the Dior counter was being harassed by a guy trying to get lots of samples from her. She was helpful in my vague lipgloss colour description.

DiorAddict Lip Maximiser 001, DiorAddict Ultra Gloss in Pearl 654, Capture Totale Eye essential, samples of Capture Totale Concentre Multi-Perfection, J'dore, Miss Dior Cherie and a DiorAddict Lipstick

Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential

I got a sample of this in Kuala Lumpur last year and squeezed every drop I possibly could. Its used in addition to your regular eye cream, its to brighten and reduce the visible signs of aging. I have noticed for the month and a half my samples lasted that the fine lines around my eyes have faded and my eyes are less dark and puffy

DiorAddict Lip Maximizer in 001 and DiorAddict Ultra Gloss Pearl 654

I lost both of these a few weeks ago and I was so upset! I was a bit grumbly having to pay all that money again, but its so worth it. I think the Lip Maximizer works for me personally, it makes my top lip a bit plumper, it gives a really good stingy tingly feeling making you really aware of your lips, I love it. The other gloss is a beautiful pink and very sparkly. Plus they're aren't sticky and last well on the lips.

Can't wait to play around more with my new products and trying out the samples.
Hope you're having a good weekend
Love Nee x

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update January

Time is going so quickly, I can't believe its February already!
January was a busy month just trying to get back into routine, start eating healthier and organise when I'm going to study this year (and what... oh gosh a whole another story there!)
We spent a day going to the museum, we wanted to go to the natural history museum but there was a long line to get in, so we ended up going to the V&A museum, which has a good collection of things to look at. There was a horrible food selection and it was very pricey (like most museums I have been to in London) It was also Waitangi day, which is a New Zealand day signifying the treaty being signed to lket Maori people have the same rights as the British. So there were loads of expats  in the city, and last year I took a picture with a Kiwi flag, so I thought I would keep the tradition alive. (I'm not a New Zealander, my daughter is, and we love New Zealand <3)
Waitangi Day in London (Sloane Square)

Recently we've had snow in London, it was my first experience with snow falling and I love it, it was magical and cold! It kept falling over night and settled on the ground so in the morning it was surreal to wake up and everything looked like it was covered in foam! We went out into our backyard and had fun making snowmen, hurling snowballs and just being silly! L loved snow and it is her new favourite word.

Lily and her first snow!

I have also started to learn to play the ukelele, I have a friend who plays and he had a spare so he's lent it to me and the first day I had it, it broke! Grr, but that was after I had been practicing and my fingers are so sore and hard from holding the strings. I'm going to hot glue and screw it back together, so I hope that works.

Morning Ukelele playing

My skins seems to have healed from my horrible traumatic experience with DiorSnow gentle cleansing foam,  I got really bad eczema on my neck, so I discontinued use (annoyingly it was so expensive and smells really good) I picked up a Simple cleanser and some E45 cream and that seems to have helped clear it completely. I just received my Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash because I hope to even my skin tone and help lighten my scars. Also my lovely pink GHD of 4 years is now broken. I went to straighten my hair and it singed my hair of at the root instantly, so all my hair was stuck to the GHD and  I have a section where my hair has changed colour and is all short and gross. The temperature gauge must have been broken. I wrote to GHD customer service, but I haven't heard back. I just part my hair on the other side now. But I need a new straightener and I'm looking into getting a Cloud Nine

My poor burnt hair.

Other than that, things I am looking forward to this month is Valentines Day, we're going to be doing a special family day, and I don't know what it is yet. Also my husband makes me presents every year, one year he made a treasure hunt and another year he made a series of puzzles like Sudoku and word finds that had a theme of things to do with our relationship. So I can't wait to see what he does this year.

I have a few things on my wish list this month. I'm trying to figure out which mascara I want to get. I'm currently using one I got from Glossy or Carmine box, I can't remember, but I either way, Benefit Bad Gal or They're Real, Lancome Hypnose or Dior Show Blackout. I also lost both of my DiorAddict glosses, I am so upset because they are my favourite!
I also want to get a Clarisonic, Naked 2 palette, new set of makeup brushes and Mac lipstick (haven't decided what colours I want yet, but I'm thinking nude)

Have a good week everyone! 
Love Nee x