Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi everyone!
This weekend has been so much fun!
On Friday night I went to meet my husband and friends at Hummus Bros in Soho. I've only been here once randomly walking past looking for food. We raved about it and convinced everyone to come back with us.
Hummus Bros are a company started by college students who were sick of eating crappy unhealthy food and wanted something cheap and yummy. How it works is you order a main which is served in a bowl of hummus and you get pita bread. They also have gluten free options, but its pieces of small toast. I ordered guacamole, John ordered mushrooms and my other vegetarian friend order fava beans. We also got spiced cinnamon apple juice which is so delicious, like drinking an apple pie, yumyum!

Delicious fooood (photo courtesy of my friend)

After that we moved on to the K-Box in Soho for some karaoke. The place is fairly decent, expensive, the rooms are really small but you can dance on the seats and there is a large selection of music. There is also a grumpy man at the door Some songs have weird translations and there is weird background videos for the songs. I was singing a duet of 2 become 1 by the Spice Girls and there was a video of a woman in the street having what looked like an epileptic fit. Scary and disturbing.
We drank lots of cocktails which had names after songs or artists, my favourite was a Lady Gaga, which was a pineapple watermelon vodka thingy, so delicious, but oh so sweet. Everyone kept buying me drinks, must of been charming them with my singing hehe! We're hoping to set up a monthly karaoke night (wish it could be weekly but I don't think I could convince anyone!

John and I singing Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces

My Friend and I singing 2 become 1

We ended up leaving at 10 and heading towards a pub for a friends work mates farewell, but everyone pretty much knew each other because they all work in the same industry so you've bound to work with someone once. 

Me and friends near Tottenham Court Rd

Midnight was when we turn into pumpkins (and be back for the babysitter) so one of our friends came back home with us and played this crazy card game Monopoly. Basically you have to collect 3 sets of full set properties to win. It's much better than real Monopoly! I ended up falling asleep while the boys kept playing.

Saturday was pretty much a recovery day (opps) just blobbing around the house cleaning and playing with my daughter, in the evening we ordered pizza and watched Fairly Odd Parents.

Sunday(today) I got everyone early and bused us off to Wembley Park Market. It's apparently the biggest market in England. It took us a while to get there because TFL told me bus would be best, but it wasn't. The bus goes squiggle squiggle everywhere and takes forever!
Upon arriving at the market we saw bags, food, gadgets, everything. Loads of fakes (I assume) It was like going down Petaling street in KL but less hassling, choice and more expensive (but still cheap for UK)
It was freezing at the markets so we went on a hunt for some food and found a pure vegetarian food stall that had felafals and different types of batjas. I got John to order while L and I shivered. The food was cooked fresh and was so delicious. We got a felafal wrap, which is not like your typical middle eastern one, there was no hummus and the felafel was crunchy and had a curry flavouring to it. The batjis were equally as yum, there was a choice of onion, eggplant and potato; we got all 3! 
We headed home for a well deserved rest. I am a bit cheeky though, I went to the markets instead of going to the gym. I promise myself I will be better this week and go everyday! Trying to get back into old routines is hard in winter!

Hope you all had a good weekend, anyone been to Wembley Park Markets?

Love Nee xx


  1. Mmm, Hummus Bro sounds fab - food looks amazing too! x

  2. oh i always wanted to try hummus bro ! =0=.
    seems like you had a great time..
    CMPang x

  3. Why have I not heard of Hummus Bro before! I'm definitely visiting next time I'm in the city <3. That juice sounds heavenly!! Xx

  4. Hummus Bros is so amazing, there isn't much of a selection, but I think thats fine, too much choice is overwhelming sometimes, and it has such a chilled atmosphere, I can easily say lets eat here every time we go out, but there are so many amazing choices for food in London, and this is in my top 10 so far! Thanks for reading x

  5. I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger over at my blog :) xx

  6. Replies
    1. Best hummus I've ever had, and I eat A LOT of hummus :D