Thursday, January 12, 2012

L's Birthday, New Years Resolutions and mini cheapo haul

L's birthday was on Sunday, I can't believe she is a big 2 year old! Time totally does fly by, so make the most of it!

My Princess

We decided to surprise her with a Mickey/ Minnie mouse themed party and invited her 2 favourite adult friends over to join in. We decorated the living room with the christmas lights, lots of pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, balloons and streamers.
When she woke and saw it all her little face just lit up as she went around looking at all the faces of Mickey and telling us about them. She opened a present from us, a Minnie Mouse dress, Mouse ears, Minnie boots and stockings. She demanded we put them all on her right away and then we Skyped my family and John's family.

L in her Minnie outfit, with a Minnie head shaped pillow from her grandma

After her nap 2 friends came over and we were all required to wear mouse ears and L got to open the rest of her presents and she got a lot of Mickey mouse stuff (I think everyone knows she likes it, haha!) We played games like pass the parcel (she didn't really understand so she sat and played with her toys while us dorky adults did it) We did colouring, dancing and ate lots of her favourite foods; baked beans, chips and lollies. We did a little treasure hunt in the backyard and she loved finding the little parcels in the trees and garden.

 We had a nail painting party as L loves to have her nails painted. 

She got very tired early, so she went to bed with a bunch of her new toys and went straight to sleep. Us adults stayed around and played Carcassonne a type of board game where you match tile pieces up to make points and had some Malibu rum and Cognac, yum! A really good day and night, that I won't forget.


I went to Superdrug on Tuesday afternoon to have a look around, but I ended up picking up a few cheapo things. I'd heard that MUA eyeshadow palettes were good, I love the colours and they feel really nice. The Colourworks stuff came in a set that was in the blue cross sale so with was a bit of a bargain. The eyeshadows are scratchy, but they're fine enough. The Beauty UK bronzer is a bit rubbish, my brush won't pick up any of the pigment, I guess it would be nice if you layered it up a bit. 
The Boots No7 BB cream gets a paragraph all on its own! I love it! I've worn it a few times, on it own and under my foundation. I've been reading heaps about BB creams lately, but I've been struggling to find BB creams from Korea that didn't have caviar or pearls in them (I did find some, so I hope to purchase them soon) But this BB cream is the first I've tried and its thick, gives good coverage and makes my skin feel soft. I also used my £5 voucher so it was cheaps, big love!

This weeks haulage...

I've made a few resolutions this year; number one is to keep eating healthily and to keep up my exercise and the bonus is that I would lose more weight. Number 2 is to wear lipstick and number 3 is to travel to Scotland, Italy and Holland. Anywhere else is a bonus.

I've come down with a bit of a cold, so sorry the post isn't too detailed, my head is so stuff!
Have any of you made resolutions?

Love Nee x


  1. Once you start wearing lipstick you never look back :) Your little one is adorable x

    1. Thanks! Ive always feared lipstick makes my lips look thinner and that there was only brown and red colours, but I walked into MAC last weekend and was totally blown away with the choice, have a few on my wishlist now ready to rock x

  2. She is the cutest thing everrrr. Especially in that Minnie outfit. It sounds like a lovely birthday party. I am glad you all had a lovely day!


    1. Hehe thanks, she is sooo in love with that Minnie outfit, she cries when we have to take it off to wash it, poor dear! It was really amazing, thank you for reading! x

  3. aw shes such a cutie! i bet she had an amazing day! <3