Monday, January 9, 2012

A late happy new year!

The holidays are such a busy time for me. There's my husbands birthday, Christmas, New Years, La Befana and my daughters birthday. It was also our 1 year UK anniversary! I can't believe I've been here a whole year (well I was in Australia for 2 months but it was a holiday to visit family!)

For my husband birthday we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park. It was raining and cold that evening, but that didn't bother us! It was magical there, beautiful lights and market stalls really gave it that authentic Christmassy atmosphere you don't get in Australia or New Zealand. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Us at the entrance

The Ferris Wheel was romantic and gave great views of London

Me drinking mulled wine for the first time. I hated it!

We then went to House of Fraser wasting time until our bus came. 
I like to try on hats. I also got to play with some Nars foundations which were really lovely and can't wait to go back and play.

Christmas was very special this year; it was the first year my daughter Little L understood what was going on and had a blast seeing all the lights, trees and presents! It was also our first winter Christmas and we spent it with just us, another first. We were sent a massive vegetable hamper from Harrods which was great because we made a massive roast lunch with a vegan nutroast and vegan faux beef roast from Redwood, both are so yummy! I also make the best roast potatoes, so they were a highlight. We were so stuffed we just sat around the rest of the day playing with Little L's toys. She was really spoilt this year by everyone and got some really lovely toys. These were some of my favourites;


This is a beautiful wooden toy set that includes 12 cookies, 12 toppings, a tray, spatula, knife, kitchen mitt and cookie dough tin.
The wood is solid and smooth, feels very durable and bite proof (they do look really tasty so Little L has been actually trying to eat them!) the paint is non toxic and so far chip free.
Little L loves cutting through the velcro although it can be a bit touch because they are so grippy, but she's determined so she gets it in the end. She puts the tray in the oven and we wait then she takes it out with the oven mitt (because its hot!) and then hands them out to eat and does it all over again.
Great imaginative play and I can see it lasting for years to come.

Another wooden toy, these cupcakes have a great weight about them which says to me quality and durable. There are 15 cupcakes on a two tier cake stand. Each cupcake has a number and a shaped bottom with a corresponding number and shape hole for it to fit in to.
The cakes look so delicious and there are neat little decorations like little cherries on top.
Little L loves this one because not only are they great for tea party play, she can learn numbers and she loves to make the shapes up. The colours are more pastel then the picture dictates.

I bought my husband a gift box from Lush; All I Want For Christmas. He loves Lush products (I used to work there and he loved having me demo on him) 

Lush - All I Want For Christmas (now sold out)

I bought this from the Lush White City store in Westfield, which is a lovely little store that is always busy and the sales people are nice, but sometimes a bit pushy (as a Lush sa you have to be because that's your job)
The box is beautiful, I love the hat boxes from Lush and was sad to give them up when we moved here. The quality of the box could be more sturdier and don't get water on it otherwise it will loose structure.
Inside could have been packed better as well, some products were a bit crushed and some had absorbed the colour from the paper shredding.
This box has one of each product from the Christmas range. Being in England, there is a such a fast turn around of  stock everything is super fresh, so everything smelt beautiful but a little bit soft. We've only used a few products and as usual they are amazing, the bubble bars deliver the best bubble baths I've ever had and would never use anything for a bubble bath again.
There are so many products in this box it will take us a few months to get through, which is fine by me (Even though its his gift, he has to share)

I haven't actually gotten my Christmas present, its on layaway, but will be completed at the end of the month. It's a limited Luts Delf Art ball jointed doll - Perennis Lishe and Lupinis Lishe. For those unfamiliar with ball jointed dolls, they are articulated dolls with ball joints that are completely customisable. They originate from Japan, but many companies are in Korea. I've owned many in the past, but when my daughter was born I gave up the hobby. You can see my photos here of the various ones I've had.

I also got a lot of makeup before Christmas when I was in Kuala Lumpur. I went into Sephora and spent up a storm on Dior, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Benefit. I've just gotten serious about makeup so I'm not very seasoned, but I bought these products from browsing the store, and then afterwards I discovered beauty blogs and have since bought more, so I will review some of the products I've used soon.

Little L hanging candy canes on our poorly decorated tree! Our first real tree as well!

New Years is a special time for my husband and I as its the anniversary of us meeting. Little L had been really sick so we stayed home put her to bed and we had a little bit to drink to celebrate, listened to the BBC radio live coverage of the countdown and we hung out the window of our flat looking at fireworks around our area.

L enjoying lemon gelato

La Befana, Little L and I went and got gelato from Joe Delucci's. It was the best limone gelato I have ever had. Little L loved it so much she stole my spoon and had a double spoon scoop happening. So cute! We met up with my husband and we went to GBK. It was really busy there but we managed to get a table  outside in the heated tent area and it was nice and warm. We did have to wait a bit and there was no baby change room which was a bit annoying, luckily Westfield as a really nice baby change room. The food was delicious, I got a bean burger and John got a felafel burger, we also order fries and the highlight, onion ring! They were unbelievable, the texture was perfectly crunchy and the onion inside soft. They were complimented with a tangy BBQ sauce. A bit expensive for a regular eat, but good for special occasions, especially when you have to get your own drinks and go up and order your own food. The burgers are huge, but the chip servings are small. 

Sorry there's not many pictures, my cameras many batteries have died and the charger isn't working (MAJOR DISAPPOINT!) So I am trawling ebay trying to find a replacement.

I feel like this post is getting too long, so I will wait until next time to update about Little L's birthday and New years resolutions (even though its the 2nd week of January, I will get up to date soon!)

Thanks for reading, hope you all had lovely holidays,
Love Nee


  1. Cute pics (:
    I always dream about moving in London.
    Why did you make that decision?!
    One day I hope to live in England,I reallyreally love there.

  2. Hi Audrey, thanks for taking the time to view my post :)
    We moved to London because my husband got a job offer here and we thought, why not? We've never been here before and it will give us a good opportunity to travel and discover Europe, which we are yet to do (hopefully this year!) We've only been to France which I love and hope to go back soon.

  3. Looks like you've had a very busy Christmas and New Years! Lovely blog by the way :) xx

  4. Lovely post! Pictures are so pretty :) xxx

  5. Such a nice post! I think your xmas tree looked great :) so nice to have a real one x

  6. Thanks for your kind comments! I am finally getting a chance to relax, but I got a cold. I can't wait until next Christmas, but for now definitely looking forward to Spring!