Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day... I forgot.

Edit :: I started this blog as a weightloss tracker, but I had forgotten about it! For my stats I am 5'2 I was 110kgs and am now 85kgs I lost most of the weight in 3 months, the other 3 I maintained while on holidays in Kuala Lumpur and Australia. This year I aim to lose another 25kgs, hopefully by my birthday in June. My aim is to be healthy and strong, not skinny, so weight is just a guideline. I am doing this because I want to for me.

I completely forgot about this blog. Which I predicted I would. I will briefly update my progress. It's the end of the year,  I didn't lose 50kgs but I did lose 25kgs, so half way there. I did have a 3 month hiatus from weight loss as I was away overseas traveling a lot and not a lot of time of to workout as intensively as I had  been. But once the gym is open again in the new year, I will be back at it again, working out hard and getting down another 25kgs.


  1. 25kgs is an amazing result!! well done!! I always struggle with weight myself... another resolution for the new year :)

  2. Once you realise theres no magic cure and it really is just exercise and eating healthily, it sort of just works (most of the time -_-)
    Thanks for your comment Alex!

  3. Amazing! Keep it up. I need to desperately start shedding the weight especially after Christmas!

  4. Thanks Hollie! All the best for your weight loss :)